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I guess a lot of you have heard of fiverr and it’s no longer new anymore. However, many of you might have tried to sell there but ended up getting frustrated due to lack of sales and probably concluded it’s not for you, many of you might have tried easy services like article writing and because the competition was too high, you had to drop off, while many are still contemplating what service they can offer. Without much ado, I want to teach you guys a different service that is in very high demand if you visit fiverr now and not many are offering and the reason for this simple.

“Many people do not possess the professional knowledge for it so they rather stick to something that requires almost no extra skill like writing.”

While writing is a great market to make it big on fiverr (I write too wink), it’s also very competitive, because every Tom, Dick and Harry can write and if you’ve ever been to the buyer’s request session on fiverr, you’ll be amazed to see some Indians who can’t string two sentences together bidding on projects, crowding the space for professional writers who should be getting the top gigs and now with fiverr downgrading all previously USA accounts opened with VPN, it’s even much harder to offer the writing service but not so for the video and animation niche. Buyers don’t care were you are from, as long as you can deliver the product well which i will show you.

I have been on fiverr for over four years and I offer several services on the platform, one of which is Video Animation Service (Though it’s not my main service offered). I have been offering this service by creating 2D explainer videos with VideoMaker FX and Whiteboard Videos with Video Scribe for the last 2 years and i want to show you how i have been doing it with a short tutorial video. I will be teaching you how to create 2D explainer Videos with VideoMaker FX in this tutorial.

Video Animation is one service that is capable of giving you as much as 10 – $30 per day and up to $500 or more every month if you know what you are doing. I am making it on fiverr with it and I know you will too.

If you doubt, here’s my portfolio on Youtube that i use in catching my buyers: My Youtube Portfolio

In this e-course, ill take you by hand and walk with you from the very beginning till you are set up and earning on fiverr as a Video and Animation Expert.

The course has been been made to be as short as possible but providing you with every single tool and knowledge as well as personal Mentorship and guidance you need to be successful as a Video Animation Expert on fiverr. This is why i have made the DVD course cheap and affordable for everyone untop of continuous mentorship till you become successful.

If you are ready to join the course, please drop your email or whatsapp me on 08108072062

Check below for works done.

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