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Before going for an interview, the candidate sends his resume to the company. To attract attention to you, you need to stand out from the gray mass. How to sell yourself in an interview? Write a strong resume. The description of their strengths should be unique. No one is interested in reading the standard answers. You need to be creative. In indicating their strengths, it’s not enough to write: punctual, responsible, communicative. It is necessary to describe your strong qualities. Write small stories confirming that you are a responsible and creative person. Just two sentences, in which you describe the cases, how you could take responsibility for yourself, will be able to give you work. Be sure to write your work experience in the resume. It is advisable to do this not as a dry table, but as an interesting story. Describe who you studied and why. You should also mention where you worked and for what reason you chose a company. A resume, which will be structurally different from hundreds of others, will surely draw attention to your candidacy.

How to sell yourself in an interview: the best tips and recommendations with examples
How often do people change jobs? According to statistics, a young specialist can change the place every 5 years. The reasons can be different: it does not suit the salary, there is no career growth, change of personal interests. Get a job is sometimes difficult. How to sell yourself in an interview? Read about it here: https://www.fbackmania.space/2018/05/how-to-sell-yourself-in-interview-best.html

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