I no longer wear clothes that flaunt my cleavages anyhow, I have repented – Anita Joseph

Curvaceous Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has left several fans shocked and perhaps some, disappointed after her recent revelation.

The sultry actress who is known for wearing revealing dresses, stated that she has ‘repented’ and has started covering up more.

In an interview with New Telegraph, she spoke about her career, relationships and her decision to start covering up more.

When asked about her hiatus from movie making for such a long period, she revealed that music made her take the break. She however didn’t go further into details.

When asked about her need to dress more decently, she had this to say,“I repented long time ago. I wear what’s proper now. I wear whatever suits me and also makes me comfortable.”

She also spoke about relationships, marriage and the kind of man she finds attractive.

According to her, he must have the love of God, a good sense of humour, a fine dresser and must smell good. However, she revealed she is in a relationship and that he treats her like she is the only woman on earth and he loves God.

When asked if she would get married or rather become a baby mama, she said:“Marriage comes when it comes. I’m not bothered about it. And if by any way, he shoots and I get pregnant, it’s a big congratulation to us then.”

She also shared her views on celebrity marriages:

“It’s not only celebrity marriages that crash. It’s everywhere. And no it doesn’t bother me or worry me. In fact it makes me stronger and reminds me that when I finally marry I must remain married because there are wolves out there waiting to devour it.”

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